Membership is considered throughout the year.

Eligibility for membership has several options. 

  • The prospective member is an officer, or spouse of an officer, in the US Armed Forces or Reserves (all branches) who resides in the Annapolis area (active, prior active duty, or retired.) 
  • The prospective member is a faculty or staff member of the US Naval Academy or their spouse. 
  • The prospective member is a coach or spouse of a USNA coach. 
  • The prospective member has some other type of bona fide association with the US Naval Academy with a recommendation and sponsorship by a current member of the club and receiving a two-thirds affirmative vote by the NAGC Board.

Please request a membership application through the contact us form.

Annual dues are required and the amount is determined annually by the NAGC board.  Club members are encouraged to be active participants in the Club workshops and projects, and to attend general membership meetings throughout the year.